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         The Music Connection was founded on the belief that music lessons don't have to be boring and stuffy.  Music is always new and changing. Lessons shouldn’t have to be done the same way they have been for the past hundred years. So we were inspired to rethink and innovate the way lessons are taught. From this came our classes. They challenge and inspire each student to play music better. It brings music lessons into the 21st century and inspires students to practice (and have fun!) while learning music.

Founded in 2012, The Music Connection is a family owned and operated music school dedicated to teaching students the foundation of music that will last a lifetime. Our philosophy is that music should be fun. So our program is tailored to teach each age group through an environment that is easy and fun to learn in. These are not your same old boring lessons. Our lessons are semi-private. Which basically means that the student will learn one on one with a teacher during instruction time and will also get the peer aspect during the theory portion of the class. This format creates an independence in each student to learn for themselves instead of using their teacher as a crutch. It also keeps it interesting from week to week. Individual lessons get dull because tis just the teacher and the student each week. Learning music should be fun and simple. So thats where our motto comes in. 

Create Music. Simple and straightforward.


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Our piano classes teach everything from how to read music to making chords and playing by ear. Whether your'e a beginner in piano or have been playing for years, this class is for you. Students will be taught on-on-one by a teacher and will come together as a group for the theory portion of the class. Our piano classes are 50 minutes long once a week for ages 5-18. The lesson consists of 30 minutes one-on-one instrument instruction and 20 minutes theory time.

Pre-School Piano

Our Pre-School piano classes teach the basics of piano to 3 & 4 year olds. This class is a blast. These are not your typical lessons. It is a pre-school class that teaches piano. The curriculum that we use is called Kinderbach and it is written with a pre-schoolers short attention span in mind. Students of this class will learn the concepts of high/low, forte-loud, piano-quiet, finger numbers, music patterns, and key names. The concepts learned in this class will build a strong foundation for our school age piano classes 

Combo Class

Our combo class teaches how to sing and play together. Throughout the course of this class the student will learn how to play and sing by themselves as well as how to play with others. This class focuses on chords and playing by ear and will only touch on sight reading. Playing by ear with chords is what musicians generally use when playing together. So this class will set up the student to be able to fit into any type of musical setting. Our combo classes are 1 hour long once a week for ages 8-10 and 11+. The lessons at first will consist of 30 minutes instrument instruction and 30 minutes of voice instruction and eventually the student will learn to play and sing together and to play along with others. 

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Adult Sessions

Pattern Piano, Beginner Jazz, Blues


Summer Camps