Our Classes Vs. Individual Lessons

            Our classes are 50 minutes long. 30 minutes of that time is spent on the instrument. During the instrument time one teacher helps two students. This encourages the students to not use the teacher as a crutch to help them read the music. While the teacher is helping their second student the other student has time to work through the music for themselves. This helps the student to be more independent about reading music. The other 20 minutes of the class is reserved for theory. In the theory portion of our class the students get the plus of learning with their peers. Theory is in the form of a competition or game which makes the student want to learn more theory and to memorize all of the symbols so that they win the game or competition. This creates a fun atmosphere for learning and a great learning experience.


Why isn't my child progressing?

          One of the most common reasons that a student isn’t moving very fast or it doesn't seem like they are progressing is practice. The more your student practices the easier the songs will get to play and the quicker they will move through the book. We look at it this way. Learning the piano is more like a marathon rather than a sprint. Instead of rushing through the books and only half way completing a song take each song as a marathon. Try to perfect every aspect of that song and get it to sound good before moving on to the next song. So there are times when it seems that they are on a song for a long time but they are staying on that song to perfect every detail of the song. Check out our practice tab to learn more about the importance of practice in music.

How much should my child be practicing?

         We always tell all of our students to practice at least five days a week and to play their song about 20 times (or about 15 minutes) a day. Getting in the habit of practicing everyday will make it that much easier to play the songs as the student progresses. Check out our practice tab to learn more about the importance of practice.

Which instrument should I take?

If your child has never taken any music lessons before we suggest starting in one of our piano classes. Piano is one of the easiest instruments to pick up and provides a great base for learning other instruments. Once you’ve learned to play the piano it is much easier to pick up other instruments.

If your child has already taken an instrument before and wants to try a different one then you can choose from any of the instruments that we offer (Drum, Guitar, Violin, Voice, and Combo).

Here is a chart that graphs out approximately how hard each instrument is to pick up from the start:

There are more things to focus on when a student is learning the guitar or violin because the child has to memorize where the note is on the instrument while also learning how to sight read and that makes those two instruments harder to learn. But with dedication and diligent practice any student can pick up an instrument and master it!

What is my Child learning in the Preschool class?

         Our preschool classes teach the foundations of music. Throughout the class they will learn about different note values, forte (loud) and piano (soft), and stepping up and down the piano. This class provides a great foundation for preschoolers so that when they are old enough to enter our school age classes they already have the basic theory down and it is easier for them to grasp all of the concepts when learning the piano.

When is my tuition due?

                   Your tuition is due on the 1st of each month but you have until the 3rd to pay without getting a late fee.

What is our make-up policy?

         We provide one makeup per month. In the event that you miss your class you can call the office and they will put your child’s name on the schedule for the make up class. The make up classes are on the last Friday (7:00pm) and Saturday (1:00pm) of each month. We must have your name down for the make up class so we know who will be there. We only allow one make up per month per student.

How long until my student can play advanced songs?

         Generally it takes about a year for the average student to make it through a book. It does depends on how much the student practices. If your student practices everyday then they will move a lot quicker through the books. By the time they have progressed to book 3 or 4 they will be playing advanced classical songs.